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iClone 6 PRO VS. Standard
iClone 6 is designed with DirectX 11(DX11) architecture in mind, and thus requires an up-to-date 3D gaming computer in order to make your animations fly. If you already have a compatible machine that is capable of handling DX11 rendering, you may carefree to fully enjoy the powerful iClone 6 new features. If your current computer is equipped with DirectX 9 (DX9), and you still would like to play with this new tool and most iClone 5 level content, then no worries, Reallusion also provides a version of iClone 6 that can run on DX9! See the differences
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iClone 6


Character Animation Custom 3D head from photo
(for G5 characters or below)
Custom cloth design with CloneCloth
Character morphing & deformation
Basic facial & body motion editing
Advanced motion key-by-key editing  
Audio lip-sync
Detail voice & lip track  
Basic facial & body puppeteering
Advanced facial puppeteering
- Detail solo feature control
- Bone level expression detailing
Add and delete key frames
Move, copy, & paste key frames
Motion layer editing Partial
(No detail tracks)
Collision Shape Editing for Object Interaction  
Transition curve & timewarp curve  
Insert/delete frame for whole project  
Loop or speed control of motion clip  
Collect and save custom motion clip  
Multiple camera switch
Multiple object editing, dope sheet, zoom view  
Plug-in & Usability Plug-in structure & expansion  
Design unlimited fully-rigged 3D models using Character Creator (FREE)  
Support motion capture using additional Kinect Mocap Device Plug-in or Perception Neuron Mocap Plug-in  
Support ultra-realistic render using additional Indigo Render Plug-in  
Advanced Developer Tools
- Character Creator (for CC Character)
- 3ds Max Plug-in, base model (for G5 Character)
Content pack installation
Live content access to Marketplace
Content Manager - favorite definition  
Custom product mode (UI layout)  
Import & Export
Import image (JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, PNG)
Import video (AVI, WMV)
Import audio (MP3, WAV)
Import sprite video (popVideo)
Export image sequence (JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA)
Export Video (WMV, AVI, MP4)
3D stereo output
4K output for both image and video
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