Five tools exclusively designed for iClone particle creation, allowing for quick VFX creation without the need to code a single line of code. These tools are fully integrated with iClone physics, global illumination, self-cast shadows; as well as textures, sprites and mesh import for maximum flexibility.


This Mesh Emitter Tool can spit out 3D meshes with up to 4 meshes as the particle source. Get higher visual realism, full-calibre physics capabilities and perfect collision simulations.

Assign Mesh Particle

Select one or several 3D meshes as the source for random emissions.

Velocity Alignment

Command a mesh particle to follow the trajectory path with correct heading direction.

Two-Way Collision

Use particle impulse to push away physics-ready objects. The higher the mass, the stronger the impact.

Bounce & Accumulate

Set the bounce count, and determine whether to stay on the surface after the initial collision.


The classic Texture Tool emits image billboards (or decals), which can either be selected from a sprite sheet, or from a single image. It’s frequently used to create effects like fog, rain, smoke, bubbles, fire and explosions.

Create Sprite Animations

Edit custom Sprite Sheets for random displays, or make an animation sequence.

Define Emitter Shape

Sample static, skin-bone or morphable meshes as emitter shapes.

Alignment & Facing

Align particles to screen, to horizontal or vertical planes. Stretch their shapes based on velocity.

Position, Volume & Speed

Emit particles from a single point, or scatter them in a large space with prefered direction and intensity.


The Text Tools are designed for creating text animations like; Titling, Teleprompting, Scrolling Descriptions or to work as Text Labeling in any 3D stage. Sequentially display multiple lines of text for TV subtitle effects.

Text Input & Custom Fonts

Type in multiple lines of text, or import custom sprites for font variations.

Spacing & Alignment

Set preferred letters or line spacing: make left, right and center alignments.

On Screen or in 3D Scene

Overlay text infront of the screen, or immerse them in 3D space.

Timeline Text Animation

Make animated titling effects by setting color, opacity, position, size, glow and scale keys.


This Ribbon Emitter connects particles (or sprites) into a seamless stripe; create circling, twirling or trailing animations in 3D space. Widely used for casting magic spells, or simulating a swimming school of fish, wiggling snakes or hovering insects.

Define the Ribbon Source

Elongate one particle into a long trailing ribbon, or select the pattern defined in the sprite sheet with your own width and twist variations.

Distinctive Ribbon Modes

Follow mode for single moving stripe, Linear mode for 2D sine waves, or Circular mode for 3D spiraling form.

Various Ribbon Styles

Create twisting, waving, spiraling, circling or radial animations by alternating ribbon attributes.

Material Settings

Make true-to-life PBR ribbon simulations using base color, normal, roughness and metallic textures.


This Distortion Emitter generates transparent particles to simulate water, heat, or ripples. The visual illusion is caused by the refraction of normal images. Realistic visual effects can be achieved by using animated image sprites, or transforming them during their lifetime.

Water & Heat Refraction

Commonly used to create spouting water, ripples, waves, or heat haze in the air.

Flexible Visual Alignment

Align vertically for rain, horizontally for ripples, velocity for spouting liquid, and FaceCam for heat distortions.

Strength & Amount

Fade-in and fade-out visual warping effects, or increase the instance for enlarged distortion influences.

Sprites & Tint

Create realistic simulations using normal sprite sequences, or add color tint to your distortion patterns.

Feature Overview

Texture Tool Mesh Tool Distortion Tool Ribbon Tool Text Tool
Emitter Attributes
Particle Attributes Text Specific
Physics One-way Two-way One-way
Lifetime Timeline Control
Blend Mode
Sample Emitter
Sample Particle
Light & Shadow
Particle Material

Functional Demo Projects

5 Emission Tools

Get familiar with the initial status of the 5 Super PopcornFX tools, and see their fundamental differences.

Ribbon Emitter

See how these big shape differences are derived from the 3 Ribbon modes, and how the Circular Radius, Spin Speed, and Radius Increment drive their secondary behaviors.

View Demo

Texture Emitter

Master this basic image emitter type by observing its Distribution, Alignment, Blend Mode, Lifetime and Force. This is the starting point before you learn other particle tools.

View Demo