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iClone Unreal Pipeline Pitch & Produce Program

As we extend our support and appreciation to the indie and professional communities using Unreal Engine, Reallusion is offering a Pitch & Produce program for creatives to receive tools and financial support to accelerate their projects! Now indies and commercial studios utilizing the iClone character or animation pipelines with Unreal Engine, have the chance to create exciting showcases to get featured and backed by Reallusion. Whether you have a project in production, or simply wish to start something from scratch, then Reallusion wants to hear from you!   Special Highlight on askNK >

Pitch us your concept or current project underway and we will choose the outstanding projects to award some of the following benefits:

  • Receive monetary sponsorships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Reallusion software, content and DA Points
  • A publicity package including Reallusion web promotion and an article featuring your project in a leading industry media publication. Reallusion media partners include 80.lv, ArtStation, befores & afters, Creative Bloq, CG Channel, and more.

Fill out the form to Pitch and Produce with Reallusion.


Serious creators and studios are encouraged to apply. Pitch us your project via the form below and include as much detail as possible. All projects selected must have the ability to be showcased on Reallusion web, social media and with media partners.

  • Multiple projects are allowed by the same studio/developer.
  • Pitches must include prominent use of Reallusion iClone or Character Creator, and Unreal Engine.
  • Reallusion will notify only the selected projects and appreciates all submissions.


  • Solo creators and teams that use iClone or Character Creator workflows
  • Indie projects can include games, movies, live productions and more.
  • Indie game developers, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers are encouraged to apply.


  • Top creators utilizing Reallusion and Unreal Engine for commercial projects.
  • Commercial projects are defined as professionally produced and published as a title game, virtual production, TV show, Live capture events, brand marketing, archviz, and more.
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