Indigo Render Plug-in

Ultra-realistic Render

A photo-realistic, cinematic look and feel in iClone is now a reality with this iClone Indigo Render Plug-in. Utilize GPU accelerated raytracing render capabilities in Indigo RT, your characters, props, and scenes now look completely different from before. To streamline this unique workflow, Reallusion provides automatic shader mapping between iClone and Indigo. In addition, users can perform custom refinement using Indigo's unique shader options, or download Indigo's material library to achieve even better results. Skylight and emissive material settings ensure correct global illumination, and allow for realistic light behavior via reflection, refraction, transmittance, and caustic effects. Furthermore, the physical camera DOF and tone mapping system can be combined with excellent lighting and materials to create vivid and astounding story visuals like never before!

Showcase Gallery

This gallery is a showcase of some of the most interesting and unique renders we have received from our talented user community. Each one of these images demonstrates creative use of lighting and shaders to produce awe-inspiring atmospheres and environments, as well as beautiful character profiles. We will be adding to this collection as we receive more stunning renders from our community, so keep'em coming!

A wonderful work made by Penny, the artist who created iClone's G6 characters and lots of wonderful iClone animation. See the natural soft cloth physics over the skirt, and the beautiful lighting on her body.

Another beautiful rendering of G6 Heidi, a closer shot to focus more on her facial expression.


"It is great to be able to animate in real-time and then being able to render the files after with full Global Illuminaton and physically based shaders if we have to. The best of both worlds. Thank you Reallusion!"

This took 30 seconds just Indigo sun and sky with gpu on gtx 980.

Sunset_warm - "With Indigo I was able to repurpose an asset from iClone 3 and make it look almost like a photograph!"

Sunrise - "With tone-mapping I was able to take the sunset image and make it look like a cool sunrise in seconds!"

The original iClone3 flooded city scene real-time rendered in iClone 6.

This is an iClone 6 rework of my iClone 3 backyard project that was made by simply combining simple props and textures with the new SpeedTree.

A much more vibrant Indigo render, enhanced with global illumination from Sun and Sky.

Relaxed - "Using Global Illumination with indigo allowed me to get light in areas where I would have to totally faked it in order to look good in iClone."

iClone 6 version


"The Indigo Render was only 1 minute and 23 Seconds the settings for the lights."

Indigo version

iClone 6 version


"I wanted to see if I could make an iClone scene that I like and that looks good in iClone 6 look good in Indigo. It is my Elf scene. There are a few obvious differences in setting up the render, but actually I like them both!"

Indigo version

iClone 6 version


iClone allows you to easily combine various design elements for a super quick turnaround.

By combining these quality renders with other design tools such as Photoshop, you can quickly make stylish designs.

This amazingly cool image contains Daz content converted into iClone, and then rendered in Indigo, all assembled by our veteran iClone user Warlord in the first beta.