iClone & HitFilm
The Production Advantage

Real-time animation evolves with 3D video compositing using iClone and HitFilm. Combine and edit iClone 3D virtual sets and characters inside HitFilm video projects for professional video production that rivals movie studios and broadcast television.

Top Reasons to Work with iClone & HitFilm

Activate an unparalleled combination of powerful 3D animation and easy-to-use video tools just like big-budget Hollywood studios. Seamlessly blend video footage with 3D models to create stunning visual effects on a budget any Indie studio can afford.

iClone - The 3D PowerHouse for Video Editors

Dynamically composite HitFilm video with iClone 3D models for props and scenes or lively 3D characters using OBJ, FBX, and Alembic ABC files. No need to be a 3D expert to access a library of 3D content, characters and animation tools any video editor can learn.

Royalty-Free 3D Assets

Sci-fi robots, fantasy creatures, movie monsters, virtual scenes, natural trees & plants, and thousands of 3D models ready-to-animate from the Reallusion Content Store for royalty-free, commercial projects. Select a 3D model or character, add custom animation or physics behaviors and export the animated result to FBX, Alembic (abc), or masked video layers for HitFilm.

3D Character Generation

Make a 3D character from scratch using iClone Character Creator. Use body and facial click-and-drag morphing to create real-human or stylized 3D characters. Design and dress characters with clothing from Reallusion templates for an assortment of styles. Character’s created are fully-rigged and ready for animation in iClone.

3D Character Animation

Create facial animation with lip-syncing, puppeteering, & key editing. Naturally control body animations with HumanIK and motion layer editing. Real-time mocap using Microsoft Kinect or Perception Neuron from Noitom. Import characters from other 3D tools like DAZ and use the animation tools in iClone to bring any character to life.

HitFilm - Stunning VFX and 3D Video Compositing

HitFilm matches the same philosophy Reallusion applies to 3D animation by focusing on creating video tools that are easy to get started for beginners and remarkably equipped for pros. More than just video editing, HitFilm is deep in features for visual effects, compositing, particle effects & color grading.

3D Particle Effects

HitFilm Pro’s particle simulator uses real-world physics to create form-based shapes from a point grid or any 3D model.

Video Tracking , Compositing and Editing

Trim, ripple, roll and slice everything from feature-length films to 30-second YouTube videos, with HitFilm Pro’s industry standard editing software. Composite virtual 3D elements for sci-fi thrillers, distort action cam footage and get a hi-res preview of your work.

Color Toning and Post Lighting

Create a signature style with HitFilm Pro’s color grading and correction tools. Ramp up saturation, correct washed-out footage and instantly analyze color elements in a composite. Use a preset cine filter to give movies a quick look transformation.