Global Physics Settings (New for 5)

Setting Simulating Environments

Because Gravity is the major influence in the physics phenomena, you need to set the direction of the gravity before simulating.

  1. Click the Physics Settings (Shortcut: Shift + F9) button on the right-side of the Tool bar.
  2. In the Physics Object Settings panel, click the Physics World Settings button.
  3. Set the gravity direction by typing values in the Gravity fields. By default, the (X, Y, Z) equal to (0, 0, -9.8), which are the gravity values of the earth in iClone.
  4. Drag the World Scale slider in accordance to the size of your 3D world.

Once you adjust the physics world settings, then you may start to simulate the animations for the physics objects including Rigid Body and Soft Body.

Constraint Stability

After you construct a physics structure with different rigid bodies, you may experience slight jittering during the simulation. Possible causes include:

By increasing the value of the Constraint Stability, the occurrence of jittering can be alleviated. However, when the value is too high, the Spring effect will be diminished.

Constraint Stability = 2

The constrained rigid body occasionally jitters.

Constraint Stability = 5

The constrained rigid body is stabilized.