Capturing Head Rotation (New for 5.3)

Because Microsoft's Kinect for Windows is now able to detect and capture head rotation, you can activate the feature to receive head-rotation data from the sensor to transfer to iClone through the Mocap Device Plug-in.

Please note that if you activate this feature, you will need to trade it off for around 10% ~ 20% of the capture frame rate.

  1. Open the Mocap Device Plug-in panel and click the Connect button.
  2. Go to iClone, select a character and open the Device Console (Shortcut: Shift + F8) panel. Click the Connect button to connect the Device Console to the Mocap Device Plug-in.
  3. Go back to the Mocap Device Plug-in and activate the Head Rotation box.
  4. Start to preview or record. Rotate your head and the motion will also be captured to affect the selected character in iClone.

    Head rotating left and right

    Head rotating up and down

    Head tilting left and right