Changing the 3D Character Design Rules

3D character design has proven to be one of the most challenging tasks for 3D artists, as creating a fully animatable 3D character often requires a multidisciplinary team with skills ranging from modeling, sculpting, texture painting, and skin rigging, not to mention other skills required to animate. And if you need additional, unique-looking 3D characters the costs can easily multiply.

To address this, Reallusion's iClone Character Creator tool provides the most versatile 3D character solutions that have permanently changed the industry rules through a character creation system that delivers unlimited possibilities.


With Character Creator, any user with a good grasp in character settings is able to easily create their own 3D characters by being able to;

  • Freely manipulate shapes, adjust age, skin, attire, and fabrics on the fly
  • Quickly pose and animate characters with vivid expressions and automatic audio lip-syncing

We hope that through this contest more artists will be able to experiment and discover more creation possibilities with this amazing free tool, while at the same time learning from each other by sharing their work-in-progress on the Polycount forum.

What is the 3D Character Design Contest?

The Reallusion 3D Character Design Contest is an event that invites all artists to create their own 3D characters, without limitations on the design theme. Would-be participants can enter with any fully-rigged, animatable, humanoid character to compete with some of the best artists from the 3D animation community.

We have made an effort to engage all our best industry partners, media and communities to join this event where contestants can expect plentiful prizes, along with many marketing and advertising opportunities. This event will also give winners an exclusive chance to be invited by Reallusion to be a Featured Content Developer.

With a Reallusion partnership, Feature Developers will get all the technical and product support they need along with lots of promotional media channels to expose and monetize their upcoming 3D creations to the world.

The contest will start on July 22nd, and will end on October 16th.
Winners will be announced on November 1st, 2016. For more information, please see the complete rules and list of prizes.
Also check out the work in progress.

Who can join?

No matter if you are a professional Maya user, a ZBrush designer, a cinematic filmmaker or a 3D hobbyist, we have already prepared all the free tools and learning resources for you to work with. So take this special opportunity to experience how iClone’s Character Creator can empower your 3D character creation process.

For this end we fully welcome everyone’s participation and collaboration in sharing their knowledge, know-how and techniques to help the community forge a new way in character content creation.