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Character Creator (CC)

An amazing tool for unique character designs created through the use of shape morphs, customizable high-resolution skin textures, and outfits with clothing and accessories. 

Design Unlimited, Fully-rigged 3D Models

Customize Your Own Morph Slider for CC-based Characters

Design Your Own Outfits, and Dresses on any CC-based Character


Real-time 3D Animation with easy face and body motions through a unique puppeteering engine. Freely control body animations with HumanIK and motion layer editing. Create vivid facial animations with audio lip-syncing, or develop enhanced expressions with motion key editing.

Real-time 3D Animation

Easily Bring Your Characters to life

Realistic Lip-sync and Facial Expressions

How to create an armor-clad warrior using Reallusion's Character Creator & iClone

Tanvir M. N. Islam shows how to create an armor-clad warrior using iClone Character Creator, ZBrush, and Substance Painter, ready to auto-rig and animate...

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*Learn more about Substance Painter

"Fastest way to see your character design in movement."

- Tanvir M.N. Islam, CG Generalist

Tanvir M.N. Islam is from Bangladesh, Dhaka. He is a self-taught CG generalist, but is more into character creation. After several years of working as a CG trainer and modelling supervisor, in 2012 he founded Incubator Effects Studio where a group of CG generalists work together in versatile projects. He is also the winner of the Top Row Awards from ZBrush Central.

Make Your Edition Choice

Get iClone 6 & Character Creator Special Edition

The Character Creator is one the most powerful 3D character design tools out there, with animation-ready character standard bases, body morph sliders, and dynamic textures for body and clothing. Enhanced with soft-cloth physics, an easy multi-layer design, and conforming clothing. Users are even allowed to import their own clothing designs from other 3rd party software to Character Creator.

  • Character Creator Special Edition (Trial): powerful trial version, works independently from 3DX6 Pipeline, no limitation in FBX in/out support
  • iClone 6 PRO (Trial): extended trial version

How to apply:

  • Send the following information to event@reallusion.com, with the email title as "3D Character Design Contest (your name)", and provide
    • Name
    • Personal webpage, or artwork, to prove your ability
    • Registered Reallusion account (Not registered?)

    *Application is invalid if either one information above is not provided
    *For valid applications, we will reply within 3 days of application.

Note: If you have previously owned iClone 6 PRO and 3DXchange 6 Pipeline, then you don’t need to apply for this Special Edition.

Purchase iClone 6 PRO and Redeem $100

iClone is designed for instant 3D visualization and digital storytelling. Its unique real-time animation engine can greatly accelerate your production speed by rendering everything you see instantly. We‘ve also incorporated leading technologies such as NVIDIA’s PhysX, SpeedTree & Allegorithmic‘s Substance to produce stunning visual quality. Are you looking for a good deal? Then simply participate in this event, and claim your $100 Content Redemption Voucher!

How to apply:

  • Participants who have purchased iClone 6 during this contest (Jul. 22 – Oct. 16) and have submitted their videos, will be eligible for a $100 Content Redemption Voucher. Inside the Submission Page - Tools Section, remember to check the iClone 6 option box if you have used iClone 6 in your project.
  • If you are qualified, we will send you a redemption code to your inbox during Oct.17 - Nov.17.

How to use the voucher?

  • The $100 Content Redemption Voucher can be used in the Content Store for purchases totalling greater than $100.

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Teaser Content Download

Morph Slider X 3

These select, iconic body morph sliders let you quickly transform your characters into cartoon styles through easy morph slider adjustments in Character Creator. Freely combine stylized and other morph sliders to create your very own morph collection.

Motion File X 3

Drag-n-Drop Virtual Set & Stage Builder

Classic warrior motions - Kick, Run, and Attack for you to instantly apply to characters in iClone. You may further adjust them with easy-to-control motion editing to create even more powerful animations of your own.