Virtual Reality is an immersive experience that lets you feel like you’re actually inside an environment, thanks to 360 videos that not just transport you into these virtual worlds but that also allow you to look around and explore inside them. Let your imagination really fly and your creativity come to life with the help of iClone, the quickest and easiest 3D real-time animation tool and content hub. Now you can finally unfold your story, without limits, by turning it into an instant 360 video that you can share and explore with the world!

Easy VR360 Creation

Real-time Content for Quick Creation

iClone is designed for instant 3D visualization and digital storytelling. With an easy drag and drop content build-up design, you can instantly create virtual environments, set up actors, direct animations, and add stunning visual effects all with true-to-believe rendering. Take advantage of tons of pre-made content that help you quickly build your VR projects right out of your mind, without going through the pain of having to design everything from scratch.

Camerawork for Ideal Navigation

360 video - 3d scene
VR360 - 3d scene
360 degree video - 3d scene

With iClone's camera path editing tool, you are free to simulate real-world camera movements like track, panning, or dolly movements to recreate any thrilling fly-through experience. You can also utilize the camera switch capability to create cinematic VR graphics novels which navigate your audience through different scenes, while changing their perspectives.

Quick 360-Video Output

Turning your creation into a 360 panorama video in iClone is quick and easy. Just check to enable the panoramic export option and let the automatic video stitching and rendering do the rest. Generate up to 4K high-res videos with super sampling detail, and upload them to YouTube or Facebook to share with the world.

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VR360 - tutorial

Enjoy the View with Latest VR360 Gear

Jump into the world of VR, and immerse yourself into your own creation with supported VR devices like the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Google Oculus, Google Cardboard and others.

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VR360 - Facebook VR360 - YouTube
VR360 - Oculus
VR360 - Samsung Gear
VR360 - VIVE
VR360 - Google Cardboard

Create your iClone VR360 Content and Upload to VeeR VR

Share your videos with a global VR audience on VeeR VR. Showcase your iClone videos and interact with millions of virtual reality fans.

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VR360 - testimonial

In a world where we watch TV series as Westworld (HBO) and want to believe such a place exists, the barriers between what is real and what is virtual tend to vanish. In such a world, new VR-ready content creation for iClone 6.5 makes complete sense.

ProVideo Coalition
A Moviola Company

VR360 - testimonial

iClone 6.5 now produces VR360 videos in the easiest way. Just activate the panorama checkbox in the render options and watch the camera view turn into an immersive 360 scene, creating a VR360 ready videos to be watched on YouTube or any other VR360 players.

Adolf Navarro
Owner/Director, Antareus Ltd productions

360 video - testimonial

VR-360 export is going to open up a whole new way of thinking and working with iClone. Pushing the boundaries is what iClone has always been about, especially at this price-point. What's not to love!

Mark Pleasant
Owner/Director, Small Wonder Studio

360 degree video - testimonial

Realtime feedback is vital when designing a good virtual reality experience. The pipeline from iClone to a finished VR experience made it indispensable. iClone scored high in creating believable actors in my film, from subtle features like hair physics to lip-syncs, to playback with real-time motion capture animation. Without iClone, Dirrogate the VR movie - would have taken at least double the time to produce!

Clyde DeSouza
VR filmmaker, Writer

VR360 - user testimonial

iClone makes people’s dreams come true. Everything is driven and guided by an easy, but powerful UI. The results are simply incredible, trust me. The latest iClone 6.5 update enables VR-360 export in a very easy way, exporting scenes that are play-able with the most popular streaming engines.

Roberto Colombo
Electronic Engineer/3D Artist/Musician

360 video - user testimonial

I’m very impressed with how easy and crazy fast it is to convert my existing iClone scenes to VR360 videos.  It only requires checking one box! I’m not sure how much simpler it could be.

Jason J Brown
Independent Visual Artist