FaceFilter Photo Editor
Reallusion 3D animation software

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Simple 4-step process
FaceFilter's clear user interface and simple step-by-step operation provides anyone from professional photo labs to ome users the ability to enhance and repair digital photos creating the perfect results everytime. Enhancing you photo is done in a simple 4-step process; selecting face, enhancing skin, changing expression and then exporting.


Automatic facial mask creation to aid editing
A Crop Box is used to select the face to be edited enabling you to adjust a single face in a group photo. FaceFilter is the only photo editor that automatically generates a facial mask enabling quick and easy adjustment of only the facial image. Layers are seamlessly blended together so that changes made can easily be removed or changed at any time.

Unique skin & expression enhancement
Using the facial mask skin tone can be quickly adjusted as well as changes in facial expression. The comparison mode quickly compares any changes made with the original. In expression mode a thumbnail preview of the templates is provided for easy selection, templates can be applied to the photo cumulatively to provide complex results. Multiple faces within the same photo can also be edited cumulatively to change an entire group

Supports Hi-definition images
FaceFilter supports images above 8 Mega pixels in size, so ensures you will not loose image quality when editing. All standard image file formats are supported allowing you to import & export in .JPG, .GIF and .BMP formats.

FaceFilter Studio
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