Exporting SWF for Web and Apps Design

CrazyTalk Animator allows you to export SWF files for web usage. Users may now import any kind of SWF material, with effects, and then export them without any quality or effect-loss issues.

The use of SWF export is especially useful for Flash and App designers who produce character animations and flash games. To learn more, please visit this link: What You Can Do with CrazyTalk Animator?

  1. Go to Export >> Web page.
  2. Select SWF from the Format drop-down list.
  3. Adjust the quality of the video and audio, for the exported SWF file.
  4. Remember to click the Size Estimation button in order to check the size of the exported SWF file. Then, modify the quality settings accordingly.
  5. Click the Export button to export your project as a SWF file.

Supported Format for SWF

Image and Audio Quality

Data Types and Image Quality

Audio Quality

Exporting Loop-able Animations


  1. CrazyTalk Animator does not support specific effects applied to SWF media by external flash editors. The effects will be removed in CrazyTalk Animator and will not appear in the exported video, image, and flv file.

    Removed Effects:

    However, if you export your project in SWF format then all these effects will be exported without any loss.

  2. Although sometimes you may experience breaking issues in CrazyTalk Animator, you may however fix the breaks by pressing Ctrl + Q. The objects with breaks will still be exported correctly in the SWF files.
  3. Object in external
    flash editor

    Result in
    CrazyTalk Animator

    Result in exported
    SWF file


    • Facial animations (morph-based) of characters whose faces are image-based, are not exported in SWF format. If you wish to keep the facial animations of any image-based character, then you will need to export in FLV or Sequenced Image format.
    • Since all videos are linked externally, then once you export the projects into SWF format, then all videos will also be converted into still images following the first frames of the videos.

Loading CrazyTalk Animator SWF into Adobe Flash

  • Adobe Flash does not support Movie Clips in SWF files.
  • Adobe Flash filters out all the audio in an SWF file. Any loaded SWF file with sounds will be muted.
  • Converting SWF to HTML5

    HTML5 is a new standard media format that are highly endorsed by Google and Apple. You can independently view animations with popular web browsers. However, there are still some issues:

    Converting Tools

    You may use the below tools to convert your SWF files into HTML5: