Introducing the Body Puppeteering Panel

1. Switch to Face Puppet

Click this button to switch to the Face Puppeteering panel.

2. Flip

Click this button to horizontally flip the selected character.

3. Puppeteering Modes

Press the Move, Zoom and Rotate buttons to puppeteering the transformation motion of the selected character.

Press the Actor button to puppeteer the body movements of the selected character.

4. Body Control Template Category

Select one of the template categories from the drop-down list.

Please refer to the Puppeteering - Base Motion section for more information.

5. Preview
(Space bar)

Click this button and then press the Space bar to preview the motions triggered by your input device (Mouse by default).

6. Record
(Alt + Space bar)

Click this button and then press Space bar to start recording a motion clip. When you move your mouse during recording, the results will be captured as a clip and stored into the Motion track.

7. Save and Open Profile

Click these two buttons to load and save profiles.

Please refer to the Defining Custom Motions with the Parameter Sliders section for more information.

8. Triggering Methods

Switch tabs to define a triggering methods for character motions.

Please refer to the Slider Control and Mouse Control section for more information.

9. Preset and Mask Pane

Mask tab: Select the body part of the dummy for mask puppeteering. Only the selected part will be triggered during the previewing or recording process.

Preset tab: Define the motion weight of the selected body parts.