Cartoon and 2D character animations have widely been used for everything from entertainment, to education, infographics and YouTube marketing but its labor intensive requirements have always prohibited live usage. Now the iPhone Facial Mocap for CrazyTalk Animator 3, allows you to do instant face motion capture on any 2D characters with the help of the TrueDepth Camera and a Wi-Fi connection to generate live shows for YouTube, Facebook or Twitch!

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iPhone facial mocap works with CrazyTalk Animator (CTA), the world's easiest 2D animation software. Use a variety of 2D characters from the CTA Library or create your own to motion capture avatars in realtime for cartoons, videos, presentations or live broadcasts!

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2D Character Creation and Animation Tool

Release Version: v3.3.3007.1
Platform: Mac / Windows
Release Date: June 14th, 2018
Trial Duration: Pipeline trial edition; 15 days
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iPhone Facial Mocap App

Version: 1.0
Platform: iOS
Release Date: 2018.6.14
Expiration date: None
Limitation: iPhones with TrueDepth Camera
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Real-time Cartoon & Live Show

Super Fast Real-time Cartoon Animation Production

  • Turn any image into an animated character with the free bone tools or character templates.
  • Seamlessly connect with Photoshop through in/out PSD layered templates.
  • A proven daily tool for multi-million subscriber YouTuber production.

Add Virtual Hosts to Live Broadcasts

  • Works with major livestreaming tools including OBS, Xsplit, and FFSplit to superimpose talking characters on top of major broadcasting platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook.
  • Apply green screen backgrounds to realtime character performances for easy color keying.
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Major Features

Perform to Create Direct Facial Mocap

  • TrueDepth Camera of iPhone can track up to 57 face signals.
  • Accurately drive character facial expressions including; head angle, brows, eyeball rotation.
  • Simultaneously control 2D mouth sprites through live capture or via traditional audio lip syncing.
  • Connect an iPhone X to a PC or Mac through shared Wifi, Hot Spot, or USB cable.

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Flexible Capture from Different Angles

  • Ideally, accurate mocap is done with an iPhone right in front of our face, but that's not always possible with a computer monitor infront. For this we provide the Zero Pose function for the best possible capturing results.
  • No matter where you place your iPhone, the unique Zero Pose design will quickly recalibrate the angle offset of your face, and accurately standardize the facial tracking in one-click!

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Supports Various Face Profiles

  • CTA will automatically choose the appropriate face profile, for front-facing characters or an angled-facing character.
  • Optimized facial mocap for two major modes:
    • Sprite-based characters animate by switching and deforming expression sprites.
    • Image-based characters are made through the photo-fitting method and use morph animation.
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Feature-based Facial Strength Filters

  • Control the signal input strength, globally or individually; for brows, eyelids, eyeballs, mouth, jaw, cheeks, and head rotation.
  • Easily capture stylized characters with the proper strength settings when toning down or exaggerating animated features.
  • Save your fine-tuned settings for specific characters, in a custom library.

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Customize your Own Sprite-based Expressions

  • Custom import facial animation sprites, or convert whole expression set directly from Photoshop layers.
  • Fine-tune or exaggerate characters’ facial expressions by altering facial sprites, or adding different levels of Free Form Deformations (FFD) to each facial feature.

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Audio Recording and Timeline Editing

  • Not satisfied with the recorded lip motions? Then use the Timeline editor to quickly edit motion clips, alter speeds, blend or refine your captured phoneme expressions.
  • Turn on the PC microphone for simultaneous audio recording to have complete control over talking lip shapes.

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Reuse Captured Motions on Different Characters

  • Through CrazyTalk’s universal facial architecture, recorded motion data can be cleverly used on other human or non-human characters.
  • The same facial animation data can drive both sprite-based and image-morph based characters, while being applicable for both front and angle facing actors.

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LIVE FACE - Basic Workflow

LIVE FACE - Character Profiles Editing

LIVE FACE - Customize your Own

LIVE FACE - Create Facial Animation and Motion Clip

LIVE FACE - Audio Recording and Lip-syncing Adjustment

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Photoshop World Live Experience

Real-time cartoon - live show in photosop world

The first debut of LIVE FACE at 2018 Photoshop World was a crowd-pleaser among the professional photo and design industry.

Awards & Recognitions

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