Turn 2D Artworks into Animations

With CrazyTalk Animator 3.1 Pipeline version, you can convert your 2D artworks to G3 Characters through PSD Templates. This will allow you to easily auto rig your new characters for easy avatar and prop animation with hundreds of professional motion libraries.

Draw your Character

Use any PSD editor to quickly draw and color your custom body part sprites. Simply create each sprite in different layers and allocate them in their respective template folders.

Use PSD Template

Use our ready-made PSD templates for accurate bone joint location. These layered templates come complete with specific folder types for label, bone, and image location.

Check Bone Structure

Save and import your new PSD files to check bone structure and joint location. Then mix and match your own custom sprites with Reallusion content for even more creative possibilities.

Animate it

Instantly animate your new custom G3 Character sprites with hundreds of compatible motion files for quick and easy, body and facial animations.

Compatible Tools

The PSD import feature is compatible with popular graphic tools that support full PSD compatibility for layering, grouping, aligning, and masking.

Get Started with these Learning Resources


The G3 Character PSD Templates help you easily create different animatable characters by simply placing their body parts into their corresponding folders. This ensures that your characters will be ready to animate once imported into CTA3.1


Includes basic and full human (face and body) templates.

Talking Head

Use talking head template in order to create a high resolution face.


Animate other characters like dogs, cats, horses, or other four-legged creatures.


Cleverly use these templates to animate anything with paired movements.


Employ on creatures or objects like; chains, fish, caterpillars, or trees.


See these fully functional PSD projects, and learn how each sample works. Create your first PSD actor by simply replacing its body parts.


Basic Human

A Basic human character consists of 10 simple layers for you to easily get familiar with the creation process.

9 x Human Samples

2 3

Full Front & Side

Full bodies with front and side angles which include a puppet-ready talking head. Learn how to add facial features on characters to make them talk.


High-Res Head & Features

Learn how to increase the resolution quality for facial features.


Hand Gestures

Learn about the 30 Hand Gestures to create different poses.

6 7

Full Sketched Character - Front/Side

Even a sketch or doodle can become a ready-to-be animated 10 layer character.


Fully Functional Masked Eyes

Learn how to create your own rolling and blinking eyes with the use of masks.

Quadruped Samples

Dog Sketch with Talking Head

Create four-legged creatures with workable ears and tails.

Cat Doodle with Talking head

You can literally animate any character body and face.

Spine & Wing Samples


Create characters with down-ward facing chain movements.


Create characters with up-ward facing chain movements.

Pumpkin Wings

Create and animate characters with dual paired movements.

Free Bone Samples

Hierarchical Structures


Animate any character form with body parts in multiple layers.


Animate any one-image character thanks to the hierarchical bone structure.

Chain Structure

Toy solider 1

Use simple bone names, and link character bone structures in CrazyTalk Animator 3.

Toy solider 2

Use bone hierarchy naming in the PSD layers, to directly convert them to CTA3 free-bone structures.

Toy solider 3

Match the bone names to the G3 Character Templates, so that they are directly compatible with G3 character motion libraries.


All image sources from sample projects will allow you to quickly understand and practice the character creation process. Inside you will find sample image sprites for you to easily test the entire workflow.


In this whitepaper, you will learn how to generate CrazyTalk Animator G3 Characters, including standard or free-bone characters, with the use of your favorite PSD editor. With this approach, you can create an unlimited amount of custom G3 characters without spending too much time on redundant creation steps.


Animate a Character from 6 Body Parts - from Photoshop to CTA 3

Create a Standard G3 Character with 10 Body Parts

Adding a Full Set of Animated Hand Gestures

Adding Facial Animation from Facial Feature Library

Create Your Own Animated Facial Features-Part 1

Create Your Own Animated Facial Features-Part 2

Creating High-Resolution Facial Features

Designing A Fully Functional Masked Eyes

*Note: Pipeline version users need to login and download the complete resource pack from their member account.