Venture into the medieval earth with the 2nd iClone Fantasy World Content Theme pack, features:

Following the Dungeon Quest Pack, another Fantasy World Theme Pack to complete the battle between good and evil.
3 Characters with individual personality, matching weapons and fighting motions.
Loop-able Actions allowing intense fighting between the good and evil.
Amazing Particle Effects adding dramatic visual impacts.

Repack by 2009.11.26

If you would like to change Wizard's head, please remove or hide the head accessory first. Then enlarge the new head after appling.

Note: Bonus Projects do not support iC4

Product :
Evil Force Theme Pack

Pack includes :
• iClone G1 Character x 4 (Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Tribe, Tribe with Bear Cloth)
• Weapon Accessory x 19
• Dark Knight Helmet Accessory x 1
• Fighting Motion x 113
• Fantasy Prop x 11

Evil Force Effect Project Pack (FREE Download for Purchase Users)

For iClone 3.2C or above!

File size : 112 MB

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