Wedding Planner
Chapter 1: The Ceremony


The Ceremony Pack includes the basic elements of a wedding ceremony: a groom, a bride and a minister. These characters come with their unique motions and accessories. These motions include the entering and leaving of bride and groom, minister performing marriage, bride throwing the bouquet, and bride and groom accommodating guests. You can have the romantic wedding that you always wanted under the white pavilion. The Ceremony Pack Bonus: The carefully chosen 30 bride and groom poses. It's extremely easy to make the 3D wedding video, electronic wedding photo album, wedding invitation card, blog news, thank you note…etc.

Product :
Wedding Planner
Chapter 1: The Ceremony

Pack includes :

Character x 3

Motion x 65
Pose x 30

Prop x 2

Accessory x 8

File size : 81.6 MB

For iClone 3.2C or above

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