Special Effects Vol.2 - Natural Phenomenon
This pack includes all kinds of natural effects such as rain, lightning, snow, falling leaves and much more! It even includes falling stars, moon visuals, and the Milky Way Galaxy with instructions for users to directly apply directional effects and particle density without the need for adjustments.
The pack also provides 8 Atmospheres that are easy to use and can be applied directly without having to adjust the Sky, Light, HDR or IBL Effects.
You may now control the weather by using Special Effects and Atmospheres that will surely bring great dramatic effects to any scene!
Pack includes :
Atmosphere x 8
Prop x 119
Celestial x 15
  Illumination x 4
Plant x 51
Rain x 8
Sand x 8
  Snow x 12
Lightning x 14
Volcanic Eruption x 1
Waterfall x 6
7 of the above Props are iprops.
(Beams, Falling Stars, Volcanic Eruption)

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Note: Terrains, Avatars, Buildings, Trees and Rocks in the Flash Demo are not included in the pack.
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