Mr. Pose & Friends

By now, most designers have seen a little white figurine (white man) appear in illustrative media all around the Web. This little white man is used to demonstrate ideas in a simple and cute way; adding instant life to any graphic task.

Previously you could only find these white figurines through stock image libraries and you could only acquire them with fixed angles and poses, which provided little flexibility to the user.

But what if you could pose and animate your own 3D figurine? What if you could adjust your own lighting and camera angle? Well now you can, with Reallusion's new and versatile Mr. Pose Theme pack!


2 Major body types

This pack includes two figurines each with its own different body type. Both body types are fully rigged and ready to be posed or animated as you wish.
  Easy to customize Textures and Materials
The template material maps enable users to make their own materials. These template maps allow you to create a unique spokesperson for any company, product or particular event.
  41 Poses and Animation Ready
The pack comes with 41 poses that can be used right away. Users can also opt to pose freely, giving any designer the flexibility he/she or she needs to work on any production.

Mr. Pose also uses standard iClone character animation which gives you unlimited control over motion creation.
  27 Materials
The pack includes various materials for you to apply directly and interchange quickly. Materials such as; Porcelain, Metal, Marble, Crystal, Frosted Glass, etc...
  Numerous Identity Accessories
42 Accessories are also included to help you quickly give your 3D Person any particular identity. Use and combine these accessories to create a unique spokesperson in a matter of minutes.
  Business Tools
Additionally, you will find 33 extra tools for use in business presentations. Create presentations and reports by using Bar Charts, Pie Charts, and Clipping Paths. You may even use Symbols & Text Bubbles with your commercial slogan, to make an outstanding new design.
Whether you are a 2D or a 3D designer, you now have the power to create unique and one-of-a-kind commercials with this new and exciting pack. Let your imagination run wild with the help of Mr. Pose & Friends.
Features Pack includes :
Character x 4
- Character x 2
- Character with Template Maps x 2
Pose x 41
Professional Accessory & Prop x 42
- Accessory x 35
- Prop x 7
Business Tool x 33
Material x 27
- Material Set x 3
(Deutsch Boy/Yankee Doodle /Buckingham Buddy)
- iProject x 1
(Include HDR Environment Setting &
Glass/Rubber/Inox/Porcelain Characters.)
For iClone 4.2 or above!
File Size : 38.40 MB

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