There are two ways to load 3D characters into Photoshop for further character design.
A Load 3D object into Photoshop as a layer.
B Export from iClone with Alpha channel.
  For more details, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.
  A Load 3D object into Photoshop as a layer.
  You need 3DXchange 4 to export the .obj file.
For more information about 3DXchange 4, please click here.
A-1 Load the Character_Round in 3DXchange 4.
Export .OBJ
A-2 Export .OBJ
Prepare the background image that you need as below.
Make sure that you Enable the OpenGL Drawing option in the Preferences/Performance/GPU Settings.
Import the .obj file in '3D/New Layer from 3D File'.
Use the 3D Object Tool to edit the position, size and angle of the character in accordance to your preference.
Your design is complete!
  B Export from iClone with Alpha channel.
B-1 Load Character_Round in iClone.
B-2 Click on every white body part.
B-3 Edit the pose. Please take a look at How to Adjust the Poses?
B-4 Export the image in Export/Image. Adjust the Export and Depth settings. Tip: If you set the Depth setting to 32 bit then the exported image will come with an Alpha Channel.
B-5 Combine the images in any 2D editing software .
  Click here to know more information about 3DXchange 4 & Photoshop.


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