Product : Nature Builder-Gardening

Construct your dream garden at ease with vivid 3D tree, grass, and beautiful flowers. Layout the botanic scene with an elevated terrain, a pond, fences, short stone walls, and many other aesthetic gardening elements.
See how to grow a garden
The gardening pack contains all sorts of aesthetic gardening elements which allows any user to easily create their botanical garden in mind.
This pack includes 3D tree and grass in LivePlants format that sway along the wind, and various beautiful 3D still flowers.
You may easily layout your garden with elevated terrain or terrain with pond, arrange fence, short stone walls as the base of your flower placement, or pile up all sorts of rocks for deco.
Lay the path with stone plate or wood plane pavement, tile and soil.
Many gardening accessories such as pot, planter, lamps, bird bath, etc.
  Hope you can have fun building the vivid and lively garden of your own.

Pack includes :
136 Props
82 Live Plants
14 3D Plants
3 Terrains

Projects, Sky Domes, Water and Creatures are not included.

File size : 155 MB
For iClone 3.2 or above!