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Different outfits with a variety of upper, lower and shoe bases with trendy textures allowing you to seamlessly connect many body parts.

    Product: Chinese Civilian Outfits

The design of Chinese Civilian Outfits theme pack is based on the outfits and accessories of people of different occupations at the end of Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the republic era (1900 - 1928). It was a chaotic time when many touching stories happened. If you want to make films of the period, this theme pack is your ideal choice.

  Using G5 CloneCloth as Character Base, the Chinese Civilian Outfits includes the outfits, shoes, hair styles, and accessories of students, laborers, farmers, and bourgeois.  We also provide an Asian female face and an Asian male face
Required Bases are list below: to get single required bases, please go to the Marketplace:
Upperbody: Gwynn_Upper_Jacket, Gwynn_Upper_T-shirt, Chuck_Upper_Casual
Lowerbody: Gwynn_Lower_Relaxed Pants, Gwynn_Lower_Skirt, Chuck_Lower_Casual, Chuck_Lower_Relaxed Pants
Shoes: Gwynn_Shoes_Flat-Sole, Chuck_Shoes_Flat-Sole

You can also purchase the whole base pack of G5 CloneCloth for Chuck and G5 CloneCloth for Gwynn for a lower price.

  Pack Includes
 Face x 2
 Hair x 5
 Accessories x 4
 Props x 3
 • Female Upperbody x 4
 • Female Lowerbody x 4
 • Female Shoes x 3
 • Male Upperbody x 5
 • Male Lowerbody x 4
 • Male Sheos x 3
  Author : Reallusion
File size : 20.3 MB
For iClone 5.41 or above!

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