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  Different outfits with a variety of upper, lower
and shoe bases with trendy textures allowing
you to seamlessly connect many body
  Product: G5 Next Gen for Male

These Next Generation outfits are influenced by contemporary pop culture style, and based on the G5 CloneCloth for Chuck.

 In this pack you’ll find 3 realistic looking characters with diverse racial appearance based on G5 Chuck herself.  There are also 6 fresh outfits that incorporate urban and street fashion into the perfect pack combination.  You can freely mix-and-match any character upper and lower body elements with an exceptional collection of accessories to express your style with a totally unique outfit.  The pack also includes some modern hairstyles that you can combine with accessories to give your character even more appeal.  The G5 Next Gen for Male pack works perfectly with the Street Dance Motions, so go ahead and grab that pack now, and watch your G5 Next Gen characters tear up the dance floor!


Be aware that these bouns outfits require the G5 CloneCloth bases, which you can purchase as a whole base pack G5 CloneCloth for Chuck at a lower per item price, or just get the Bundle Offer.  

To get single required bases, please go to the Marketplace:

  Blue Jacket reqires "Chuck_Upper_Overcoat"
Neon Top requires "Chuck_Upper_Casual"
Purple Jacket requires "Chuck_Upper_Overcoat"
Red T-shirt requires "Chuck_Upper_Casual"
White Jacket requires "Chuck_Upper_Suit"
Athletic Pants requires "Chuck_Lower_Relaxed Pants"
Capri Pants requires "Chuck_Lower_Casual"
Jeans requires "Chuck_Lower_Relaxed Pants"
Neon Pants requires "Chuck_Lower_Skinny Pants"
Tight Pants requires "Chuck_Lower_Skinny Pants"
White Pants requires "Chuck_Lower_Formal Pants"
Sneakers requires "Chuck_Shoes_Flat-Sole"
  Pack includes :

What's included:

• G5 Natural Human Bases x 3
• Upper Base x 1
• Upper Materials x 1
• Hair x 6
• Accessories x 3
• Gloves x 1
• Upper Materials x 5
Lower Materials x 6
• Shoes Material x 1
  Demo Video
  *Click the image to view the demo video
  Author : Reallusion
File size : 27.3 MB
For iClone 5.31 or above!

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