The grey area for the clothes below is the Undershirt. You can use it to make  inner clothing as the second layer.

Overcoat 01   Overcoat 02
Overcoat 03
Baggy   Relaxed

Take Overcoat 03 for example. You can make a clothing set with shirt on the  outside and undershirt on the inside.

1. Apply a G3 CloneCloth Character (Trey_Overcoat 03 & Relaxed B.iAvatar)

Choose Avatar\Upper Body

Select the Upper Template Material of Overcoat 03 via Load Material.
(Trey_Overcoat 03_Upper_Template Map.iMtl) Select Diffuse and press Launch to edit the Diffuse texture.
4. Edit the Undershirt Front, Right Sleeve and Right Sleeve
5. Edit the Overcoat texture
  Final Diffuse Texture

Edit the Opacity texture, Cut the outer clothing open, to simulate an unbuttoned shirt
and shorten the sleeves according to your will.


You can now see inner and outer clothing.


Note: Adjusting the Brightness and Contrast of Opacity in iClone may generate abnormal results. We recommend to change those settings inside of an image editor, such as Photoshop.



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