From template map to final design  

Template map

Outer body garment mesh texture template

The Minimum Bleed Area in the UV reference image indicates you where to paste and fully overlap your cloth onto it. This can prevent the result from image-distortion at the side seam of the outfit.


The edges of the same color contour lines will later be sewed together.


1.How to create an upper clothing?

1-1 Apply a G3 CloneCloth Character (Bodysuit)

Choose Avatar\Upper Body

Select the Upper Template Material of Bodysuit via Load Material.
(Trey_Bodysuit_Upper_Template Map.iMtl)
Select Diffuse and press Launch to edit the Diffuse texture.
1-4 Save as a PSD file in Photoshop.
1-5 Load a Wrinkle Material. (Trey_Bodysuit_A_Upper_Wrinkle.iMtl) Select Diffuse and press the Launch button.
1-6 Edit Diffuse and Wrinkle texture in Photoshop and save as a Jpg file.

Final Diffuse texture (Diffuse + Wrinkle)


At the same time, you can prepare Opacity, Bump, Specular, Glow and Reflection jpg files if you want.

1-7 Double click on Diffuse or other icons to import the edited jpg files.

2.To make Material Map for Lower body and Shoes, please follow the procedures above. (The shoes has no Wrinkle texture)


1.Save as a Material file

  If you want to use the same clothing again, you can simply press the Save Material button to export the material for upper body, so you don´t have to import images for each channel. Instead, you can simply apply the .iMtl file.  


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