Killer Accessories Weapons Motion Stage

Classic Horror Movies


The focus of this pack is Classic Horror. It includes a serial killer with different kinds of weapon such as Axe, Chopper, Shovel, Chain Saw, and masks. Using the newest interactive technology of iClone3, filming will be easier, and editing will be faster. The motion contains killing motions using different weapons as well as persona WASD. We also provide a series of victim motions and persona for users to apply to any iClone3 Characters to suit your filming needs. The sets and props that are often found in horror movies can also be found in this pack, so users can make the movie anyway they want. This pack is great for making a horrifying movie that will make you jump out of your seats. 3 Bonus characters also come with this pack. Once you purchase this pack, you can download these cool characters for free.
(The 3 bonus characters, Evil Witch, Frankenstein and Zombie are created by CoolCreators.)

For iClone 3 or above!

Product :
Classic Horror Movies

Pack includes :

Character x 1
Motions x 84
Accessories x 16
Props x 51
Stages x 4
Personae x 4

Free Bonus Pack :

Halloween Characters x3

File size :63.2 MB :

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