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Occupations Series - Career Motions


Product : Occupations Series - Career Motions

This pack contains motions of 5 different occupations including Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Work Crew, Medical Services, and Food & Hospitality. Motions for Medical Services includes nurse and doctor. Food & Hospitality includes Waiter and Waitress.
This pack provides common professional motions of everyday life. You can use these motions to quickly make multi-character films with corresponding animations.
Note: The motion files were originally optimized for G3 bone. You will need to modify motion layer for best result when applying these motions to CC Characters.

Pack includes :

  • Motions
  • Food & Hospitality X 14
    Firefighting X 8
    Medical Services X 15
    Low Enforcement X 23
    Work Crew X 39
File Size: 17.8MB
Compatible with: iClone 3.1 above

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