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    Product : Sinister Apocalyptic London

    It's 28 days later... and vicious, bloodthirsty zombies have taken over London! The assets in this pack are perfect for constructing your very own desolate post-apocalyptic city scene.

    It comes complete with 47 ready-to-use assets, with building faces that are LOD compatible, and able to drop the poly-count to only 2-tris when your camera is at a distance. Wind zones also simulate gusts of wind in the form of animated particle effects. All models come complete with high-res textures, including normal maps. A free scene project is included.

    Pack Includes :

    • 44 Props
    • 2 Particals
    • 1 Free Project

    Author: Sinister
    File size: 268.0 MB
    For iClone 5.51 or above!

    iiContent List Price: $25.00

    Export Price(?) : $ 40

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