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Try animal characters in Unity3D, live! Each animal has its own motions, just use the WASD keys to navigate and use other functional keys to control its movement. Follow the keyboard instruction to play it.
Play Instructions
Navigator : WASD
Shift : Sprint
Space : Jump
Other keys : Perform animations
Camera angle : Left-mouse button
Zoom camera : Mouse wheel

Animal World Vol. 4
Fierce Animals I

This pack provides four fierce animals including a lion, a brown bear, a cheetah, and a gorilla. These realistic animals all have their own motions. They will bring more life to your videos. There are many types of animals in this series, and the users can quickly apply these animals to their scenes to create richer videos with more details.

All four animals are non-human characters (creature base characters), which means that you can open the Edit Motion menu by right clicking on the character and make your own poses or even motions.

Although motions for different animals can be applied to all animals, it is not recommended. Strange results may occur when you do that.

File size : 13.9 MB
For iClone 4.3 or above!

iContent Price: $49.95

Export Price(?) : $149

Pack includes :

Non-human Character x 4

4 Animals with their own animations:

- Brown Bear x 10
- Cheetah x 8
- Gorilla x 9
- Lion x 8
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