Experience different aspects of Character Creator's powerful features by testing out the included items. An extensive library of highly valuable CC4 projects, characters, outfits, hair, animations, morphs, light presets, etc. are ready for your download. >> Please go to Smart Content Manager - Pack view - Free Resource section to download.

How to Access Free Assets

Characters | Lights | Display | Motion & Expression | Styling & Makeup


All CC4 included characters are fully rigged, lipsync-ready, and with dedicated facial profiles to best present their unique personalities especially with Face Puppet and Facial Mocap. In addition to realistic CC Avatars, a new line of Humanoid characters and low-poly crowd characters are also introduced in the CC4 release.

Realistic Human

Two super detailed CC4 avatars with Extended Facial Profiles (140+ blendshape) showcasing the new level of facial quality. Kevin, the iconic CC4 character made by 3D Scan model and 4D scan expression blendshapes; and Camila, made by highly-skilled ZBrush sculpting presenting her unique characteristics, each with their own set of wardrobe, hair and brows, and unique facial profiles for face key editing, face puppet, and facial mocap. Learn More

Stylized Characters

Designed by veteran character artist Angel Alonso, these sci-fi figures were made as stylized characters based on the CC3+ topology. Two sets of space warrior outfits come with illuminated LED lights and utility gloves, along with a pair of mechanical legs. All outfits, hair and morphs are interchangeable with other CC Avatars.

Humanoid Characters

The original model is from the outstanding Sketchfab character designer - Jose Diaz, showcasing CC4's powerful characterization feature which can turn any character rig into a Humanoid character compatible with CC and iClone's motion data, and HumanIK animation system. Each character has its own original animations, with right-click perform list, spring settings, and facial profiles for facial puppet, and facial mocap. Learn More

*Facial mocap profiles for Kevin, Camila, Coyote, T-REX will be installed with Motion LIVE - LIVE FACE

*Facial mocap profiles for Kevin, Camila, Coyote, T-REX will be installed with Motion LIVE - LIVE FACE

Lightweight Characters
for Crowd Animation

Designed to populate a large group of fast-loading, performance-friendly 3D people for crowd simulation, NPC for game, or iClone Motion Director interaction. CC Crowd Characters are condensed in one mesh, with one merged PBR material for super fast render.

A slim-down CC avatar with game-base character topology (around 10K triangle), and polygon reduction on cloth and accessories.

A humanoid character made by 3D scan model, and with CC's standard bone structure and game-base facial mesh for facial animation.


Atmosphere and Lightroom

Make sure to try this before attempting to make custom lighting enhancements. Experience diverse looks and how real characters can be by using lighting presets here.

Atmosphere contains IBL, lights and lens flare, just drag and switch to a new light scheme; Lightroom is a superset format additionally with props, background image, and camera for specific pose or scene composition. Learn More

100+ Presets

Lens Flare

Enhance character renders with an optical and cinematic feeling. Try the sample lens effects made for outdoor, indoor, dramatic, and sci-fi scenarios. Learn More From Lens Flare 200+

10+ Presets | 30+ Elements



Real-time review character art or render it as video to share. Adjust settings for turn speed, cycles, and selectable turn items. Free 3D turntable bases are included with customizable logo textures.


Preview Animations

With the Animation Player, designers can see their characters live with natural facial and body movements, or set the animation back to pose.

A full set of calibration motions help designers to check body and facial rigs, cloth physics settings, and custom lipsync quality. Learn More

40+ Preview Motions

Expression Morph Sliders

A total of 300+ expression morphs arranged by facial feature categories can be found under Modify - Morphs - Head - Expressions. In the Expression Profile Editor, designers can customize facial expressions directly using those modeling sliders. Learn More


Comprehensive Skin & Makeup

Access to a pool of high-res dynamic SkinGen sample materials which can drastically level up CC avatar's skin details. Especially take notice of the new makeup options for Camila.

90+ Skin Presets | 70+ Makeup Presets


Reallusion actively collaborates with professional character artists around the globe providing high quality and large variety of 3D character assets. Make sure to explore the creativity from the community, and we welcome you to share your own creation and profit from your artwork at the Reallusion Developer Center.


The Smart Content Manager aims to bring an intuitive and streamlined content experience when managing personal and purchased assets. Users can direct download online Free Resource or purchased assets without leaving iClone and Character Creator, quickly search installed and custom created content by keywords and tags, or organize assets in different drives without worrying about storage limits. Users owning multiple program licenses and have register them under the same Workgroup account may share any purchased assets among group members and centrally manage all assets through a corporate server.

Online Inventory Management

Direct Download Free Resource Purchased Assets
Pack View Searching & Tagging Update Notification

Local Content Management

Well-structured Categories Multiple Drives Access Intuitive Folder View
Searching & Tagging Synchronize with Windows Folders

*How to access CC3 and iC7 custom and template content from Character Creator 4 and iClone 8?


Purchase & Install

When you purchase content in the Content Store, ActorCore or Marketplace, the system will automatically sync with the Smart Content Manager during checkout. This will allow you to download and install all your purchased content directly from the Smart Content Manager. Online Manual

Effortless Trial to Buy

Select and add your trial content from the Marketplace. Download them via the Smart Content Manager and try before you buy. If you are satisfied with the trials, then you can directly add them to your cart for checkout. Press “Activate Purchased Items” to remove watermark. Online Manual


The easiest way to search content of any type with keywords and tags. Sort content by category and quickly find all items as groups in the original content packs. In addition to the official tagging system, the Smart Content Manager further allows you to define custom tags for any item. Effortlessly locate and retrieve content based on user-defined classifications by project, genre, usage, abbreviations and more.

Online Manual: Searching Content Tagging Content


Multiple Drives

Organize assets in different drives to save storage space. Online Manual

Data Transfer

Transfer assets to another computer or workgroup member with portable flash drives. Online Manual

Sync with Windows

Easily manage and sync design assets with the Windows File Explore. Online Manual

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  • Shared folder between iClone and Character Creator, consolidating content and avoiding duplicated download and waste of storage space.
  • Save assets in one application and automatically update to another, press sync to refresh, works both for template and custom assets.
  • Seamless workflow to pass character assets, animation resource, props, lighting, and materials between applications.
  • Simplified developer publishing, one data upload for both Characracter Creator and iClone.

Shared Content Types for iClone 8 and Character Creator 4

Actor Cloth Accessory Animation Stage Set*
Character Underwear Head Persona 2D Background Sky
Eyes Shirts Torso Motion-plus Image Layer Props
Teeth Pants Arm Motion Atmosphere Props
Facial Profile Skirts Leg Pose Light Media*
Hair Coats Others Expression Post Effect IES
HairStyle Full-body Gesture Light Room iMDL
HairGroup Shoes Lens Flare
HairElement Gloves

*Classified as "Stage" in Character Creator 4.


  • Register multi-seat Reallusion software in one account.
  • Manage design assets from the central server.
  • All assets and tags made shareable within the workgroup.
  • Assets licensed for commercial use to all workgroup members.
  • No DRM watermark for collaborated projects.


  • Put together content in the Packager for publishing.
  • Manage asset installation folders before uploading.
  • Directly upload content to the Marketplace.
  • Simulate buyer experience, download, and test content packs from the Packager > Verify.
  • Backup developer source packs with product description for re-editing.

Buildup a Content Pack

Drag in multiple assets from Custom for publishing.

Upload Pack

Publish developer content to the Marketplace.

Edit Pack Info

Edit the pack information before publishing.