Fully Rigged for Face and Body Animation

CC Characters are Ideal for Live Performances

Quad-based characters with complete body rigs and facial morphs are optimized for a realtime animation system. Users can make any human-like, or stylized, CC (Character Creator) characters come alive thanks to Reallusion's real-time animation technology that covers full body motion capture, motion editing, cloth physics, and advanced curve animation. With Character Creator, users can also export these characters and motions to other popular 3D tools in FBX format.

CC for Fluent Animation Production

Live Mocap

  • Employ a full body motion capture platform to simultaneously animate CC character faces, hands and bodies.
  • Observe your motion captured animations on real and stylized characters for visual feedback on performances.
  • Ideal for virtual production, performance capture, live TV/Online shows, and web broadcasting.

*Requires iClone Motion LIVE - sold separately

Real-time Motion Editing

  • Body animation: a unique puppeteering engine, motion clip blending, thousands of professional mocap, HIK timeline motion layer editing.
  • Facial animation: 60 facial morphs ready for audio lip-sync and puppet emotive expressions with motion key editing.
  • Dynamic soft-cloth and hairs physics behaviors to create natural movements.

*Requires iClone - sold separately

Studio Level Character Animation

  • Accomplish most of the classic principles of cartoon animation such as Exaggeration, Arc Motion, Secondary Animation, Follow Through and Overlapping.
  • Fully featured curve editing tools: Outliner, Tangent, Handle, Key Editing, Navigation.

*Requires iClone Curve Editor - sold separately

Works with Popular Animation Tools

The powerful FBX export feature can now be directly accessed from Character Creator, allowing you to export your customized characters to other 3D tools.

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"iClone & Character Creator ended up giving us a workflow that we just hadn’t expected at all. For the needs that arose as we developed REPLICAS, it proved to be the perfect solution during the postviz stage."

James Dodson
Executive Producer, REPLICAS
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"Character Creator 3 does such an awesome job through the Transformer feature in converting the imported DAZ characters, and adds a very accurate facial profile that makes the characters respond very well to the mocap devices: that to me as a DAZ Studio user, is one of the best additions to CC3."

Solomon W. Jagwe
3D Artist, Animator and Painter, Creator and Director of the Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya