Image Sequence
& GIF Animation New in v5.1

Delight in the freedom of integrating hand-drawn animation into Cartoon Animator
— Synchronize image sequence layers crafted in Photoshop or Illustrator, or simply drag in GIF or APNG files to invigorate animated projects.

Transcend with Image Sequences
Whether showcasing a drawing process, creating 360 turning objects, or adding interwoven visual effects, it's now all within your reach. Easily synchronize image sequences created in Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar tools with Cartoon Animator and breathe life into still frames.

Frame-by-Frame Animated Drawing

360 Turning Objects

Hand-Drawn VFX

Import Bitmap / Vector Seqeunece
By sticking to simple naming conventions, importing image sequences into Cartoon Animator becomes effortless. PSD and SVG sequences can be stored in the Sprite Editor, enabling you to apply specific frames to the timeline or start the entire animation sequence from a single command in the Action Menu.
Trigger Dynamic Effects in One Click
A single object can house multiple animated sequences composed of individual layer groups. Upon importing the object into Cartoon Animator, an Action Menu is automatically generated. Simply right-click on the object to access the menu and apply various motion effects.
Fine-Tune Motion Speed, Loops, and Timing
Sequential frames appear as customizable motion clips in the timeline editor. From there, you can easily adjust their speed, create animation loops, or modify their timing using Time Warp.




Additive Free-Form Deformation

To spawn new varieties of animation, layer the image sequence with FFD Effects, or add keyframes to the FFDs for additional control and customization.

Edit Animation Frames

Whether making minor adjustments to image layers or completely replacing them with a fresh creation, you can launch Photoshop or Illustrator to modify the animation frames. Upon saving the project, the revised sequences will be automatically updated in Cartoon Animator, ensuring optimal integration between the two applications.

Infuse Life into Static Images

Light & Shadow

Animation frames unlock all possibilities, including the simulation of lighting and shading effects.

Animated Line Work

Add a touch of charm to your artwork by making outlines and pen strokes wobble and jitter with energy.


Captivate with informative whiteboard animations by blending photographs with graphic images.

Import Animated GIF & APNG
GIF and APNG stand as two widely recognized animation formats supported by conventional web browsers. Users can effortlessly search and download these formats from clipart sites, or even create their own. Simply drag and drop GIF or APNG files into the scene, and witness them come to life instantly. For further customization, these files can also be edited as sequence images within the timeline.
  • Since 1987, animated GIFs have become widespread in online clipart galleries as royalty-free resources.
  • As an 8-bit format with 256 colors and RLE compression, they are compact, vibrant, and perfect for displaying animated content.
  • As a newer format introduced in 2004, APNG (Animated PNG) supports 24-bit true color and 8-bit transparency.
  • With unlimited frame rate and decent compression, APNG has gained popularity as animated stickers for social media apps.
Drag and Drop Animated GIFs
GIF animations seamlessly integrate into Cartoon Animator while retaining their original speed, tempo, and loop settings. Once imported, GIFs are converted into standard image sequences that are easy to edit in a variety of ways, including the ability to retime and deform.
Convert to APNG
While Animated PNG media may be less readily available on the internet, you can easily create them by generating 24-bit true-color frame data using 3D software or a video editor. High-quality transparent APNGs can be created using free tools like APNG Converter or by utilizing PSD editors such as Photoshop.
APNG samples are created from  iClone