Character Creator 3
Issue 8304
cc crashes when activating sculpting tools set check box
this has happened a bunch of times today and its annoying

not sure what causes it but i captured something about it.

what is happening here is cc has crashed in a working head shot project

when it is restored it has lost the source image..however that should have no bearing on the sculpt tools
whether that image is loaded or not we are sculpting the model not the image so it should absolutely work. this is a silly bug

i did a test and readded the missing head shot image after a restore it didnt work...this needs to be fixed im now at 41 crashes in just over 30 days unacceptable. see image

see image
see video
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byhobbyuser3d
fyi i would have no problem doing occasional bug reports. But you people have the order of operation all mixed up. 
When a user reports a software bug first you determine if the bug is valid. And get back to the user with a determination if it cannot be replicated we do more testing with the user to see if it can be replicated. You do not start blaming hardware the bug is a file operation and is nothing to do with machine performance. Yet first thing your moderator was saying i should have read the requirements and my fault trying to make me look silly. Which i did read and planned to use the iray as my machine is built for real 3d apps based on cuda core counts... not an app designed for gaming cards as people have stated in your forum .So after that i just embarrassed your whole company. And that is your fault you trained your people. I had people telling me i spent too much on my machine all these personal attacks my machine is slow etc jumping in with your moderator peter. So i trolled the whole gang. in the mean time you have done zero analysis on the bug. And i figured it out out my self during all your wasting of my time. Does that make sense no its borderline moronic. Its quite surprising to me actually but it is what it is.

The facts are i have zero problems with my machine it runs lightning fast and so does your app i like the app i am able to work in in fast i can design 5-10 chars 20 mins or less each easily.
There is a bug i solved it rather than you people wasting more time.
i woud recommend you give you forum moderator a class on customer service and how to handle bug reports. You shouldnt be doing knee jerk reactions not founded on facts reason and evidence. Your just going to piss customers off escpecially those that have more experience and are technologists.
i have solved the bug its with the restore files if i dont use them zero crashes..i solved it much faster than you people..after getting the hardware shakedown and wasted time from inexperienced users at your company.

the appropriate response when a user is reporting the bug its not blame hardware you look into the bug and report not doing any more free work for your company.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi hobbyuser3d

Thanks for your feedback of Headshot!
We've checked this issue and submitted it to our dev team.
Hope this can be sorted out soon.

Please feel free to contact us if any further question, thank you.