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Your Website and the Programmers and support personel that service and design it!!
I just installed Cartoon Animator 4 and bought the motion capture package. I have been a Reallusion customer forever. I have all your software. I HAVE ALWAYS used Windows. A few weeks back I started a support ticket because some of my purchase history reflected MAC OS. They assured me all is well and I had nothing to worry about that Windows installs would be provided even though it states MAC in my Account history. Well I just installed Cartoon Animator 4 and bought the motion capture package and CAN'T install it from MY HUB or Download the Windows .exe from my account because YOU PROVIDED a .pkg MAC file!! This is unacceptable considering I just dealt with issue in my last support ticket!!! And now I have to wait to use the product I just bought because of YOUR INCOMPITANCE???

I had issues with the last 4 product updates this does not speak well for you quality control.

I'm Not Happy!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byLairdPaul
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Dear LairdPaul,

Thank you for your continued support of Reallusion.

Our customer service team had corrected the purchase record for you, you should be able to download and install CTA4 Windows version now.

Please enjoy your Cartoon Animator 4 experience.