Cartoon Animator 4
Released in 5.0
Issue 8057
Vector based mouth & eye animation
CTA4/5 would really benefit from PROPER vector based characters.

Having vector based features allows to create smooth morphs between mouth shapes, eye shapes, head positions, body turns etc, creating nice and fluid animation, with much less reliance on layer switching.

Basically sort of like you can do with the face setup 'morphing' at the minute, but using vector vertex/points of artwork instead of just a transformation mesh. Combining that with some good masking features will really help bring CTAs character rigs to the next level.

It'd make it more like the Joysticks n Sliders plugin for AE, or similar to what Moho can also do, but of course with Reallusions user friendly approach!

Happy to provide examples of what I mean if required.
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Submitted byConcrete.Cactus

Example of setting up a vector EYE in ToonBOom. Similar in Harmony.

The power of CTA5 is vector usage, but now we need to take control a step further and make EYE / MOuth / NOSE / EAR / Brows / Hair / cheeks / etc. vector editor in CTA5 so we can save as many as we want of each, while assigning defaults to CTA5 lip sinc.
1. In composer mode, have an EYE editor, allowing the user to edit the default eye sprites and add as many as desired using illustrator like tools for vector eyes.

2. In the eye editor, you assign eyes to defaults or save as new eye positions

3. any vector eye you save can be edited, color changed, etc. giving you a mini illustrator tool right in CTA5. The less we have to use illustrator the better, as it is all done in CTA5 composer tools.
This would be amazing. Rather than sprite after spirte, in CTA5 we now have full vector. We should be able to simply move the eye movements in CTA5 like you do in MOHO or TOON BOOM HARMONY and memorize eye movements right in the CTA5 software, and assign them to default eyes, or just make any number of expressions and save them to new EYE setup.

This allows us to easily modify the eye, and even TWEEN between eye movements, thanks to having the math behind the vector files, so that we have smooth eye movements rather than having to create 5 separate blink sprites just to have a blink look smooth.