CrazyTalk 8
Issue 9535
VTuber Toon Upgrade?
Hi, I know that 3rd party software exists which helps us to jerry-rig a complicated work-around so we can Livestream using CA5...
But would it be possible to upgrade Crazytalk 8 as a VTuber Toon App so we can use it directly, and more easily please?

Although hand motions would be nice to capture, initially, all we really need to Livestream with a cartoon avatar would be:

a) Ability to import any of our custom 360 heads from CA5

b) Ability to import any animated MP4 Background, any screensharing live, or any static PSD scene or JPG image from CA5 as the backdrop.

c) Click boxes for common emotions would also be very helpful, if possible.
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Submitted byTarampa Studios
Tarampa Studios
Thanks that extra information, David. 

Yes, I totally agree. That would certainly be the best of all options. 

I'd also be keen and grateful to help with any beta testing.
I honestly think this is the natural progression for reviving CrazyTalk 8 and giving it new purpose. It would also be better than trying to incorporate these feature into Cartoon Animator as many VTubers are gamers and need a light weight application to run their live avatar at the same time as they're playing a game.

Right now most VTuber apps and Avatar creation apps focus on Anime based characters so there's a gap for an application that can allow you to easily turn any Cartoon Animator G3-360 head character into a Vtuber Avatar. Maybe even make it possible to import any 3D CC4 characters as VTuber Avatars too?

I do think it best not to limit the motion capture to just face and head movement. There are Vtuber apps out there that have full upper body, face, arm, hand and even finger movement just using a single webcam. Links to two below:

Webcam Motion Capture (would be amazing if Reallusion could partner with this system).

Kalidoface 3D (completely free and browser based)(there's also a 2D version that for some reason licensing reason is not supported)