CrazyTalk 8
Issue 4151
Use manuscript with audio file for better lip sync
I notice the lip sync don't grab the correct letters from the audio. So I need to go through the whole "lips" section and redo almost every letter. Else it just look bad. Ex I tested the Sarcastic cat template and watched it. In most places the lips is not synced to the correct letter and the sync just look bad.

So I was thinking if it would be possible to use a text file with the manuscript. This would then be added to the "lips" timeline and then you can manually place these in the correct places. This would speed up the process.

It would be good to have a more options in the "lips editor" section. I am missing sounds like "y", "u", "ue".
Is it possible to add those myself? If not, could it be implemented into the "lips editor" to allow custom?

Ex of the cat template with auto and manual lip sync (Watch the mouth on the org and then the manual):
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byThe-any-Key