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Issue 7009
Unreal Auto-Setup Bug
I reported this problem already in issue 6780, but the ticket was simply closed ...
Here is another example that shows the problem of too-bright skin in ue4.

Here, I experimented with a cavity map as blend map that is transferred correctly while the rest of the face is too bright. The torso seems to more closely resemble the correct color. Unfortunately, I cannot remember how I edited the skin as I did this some time ago.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byMikay²
I would like to add that you should generally test your shaders and characters in different lighting conditions and levels. With this I mean particularly bright outdoor levels.

I cannot remember that I have ever seen a CC character standing in bright sunlight. Even this outdoor scene is relatively dark for a n outdoor scene:

I was not yet able to get any usable result out of CC, except when I used the very dark digital humans scene with mike from unreal. This might be OK if you make "Bassline-esque" scenes. Also take a look at this issue which may be related:
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Hi Mikay²,

I've test the project that you provided for us.
And I got this result in Unreal via LiveLink. (Please reference to attached image, and I only transfer character and Camera to iClone.)
The only thing I changed was Hair Material, as Molly said, due to Unreal limitation about Transparency, I adjust opacity strength in every Hair material.
So, could you capture the screen video to describe your detail settings about the character?
You can upload video to YouTube and attach the link in your next comment.

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