iClone 6
Released in 6.50
Issue 389
Unable to recover project after crash
My project crashed.
I started again iClone.
The program asked me to recover unsaved file. I said yes and chose a new name for the file.
iClone tried to reopen the file but when "conveting" step applied, it crashed again, and again.
I habe tried with the latest saved version of my project, and it crashed also.
I have tried to change directX 11 to 9, but it crashed.
I have tried to restart my computer 3 times, but is still crash.

Does all my work goes to the trashcan ;-((( ?

Any help or idea to recover my project ?


OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymagnoliaPower
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Hi Frédéric,

Thank you very much for you attention.

It has been fixed in iClone 6.5 and will be released in a few days.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Frédéric, 

Thank you very much for your attention.

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First thing I would do is to copy the corrupt data files to a clean known drive  (just in case its your hard drive failing)... Hoping RL support can take it from there.

I learned the hard way to always make my own backups - even when relying on an app's auto-save feature. But even then, data loss is like Karma.