Character Creator 3
Released in 3.22
Issue 4109
Transformer doesn't weight clothing properly (pretty big bug)
Bringing Daz clothing in through Transformer the clothes are not weight mapped properly, and this causes three issues: One, remesher doesn't work, two, physics don't work, and three clothing and skin layers poke through each other.

Here's a video link explaining the whole thing:

And here are the two skirts to look at:
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byKelleytoons
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Hi Kelleytoons,

In current version, you can set the skin weight inside Asset Import Status Report dialog.
You can select the original Daz skin weight, or convert it with our CC skin weight profile.

I just tried the same skirt as an obj imported in -- while it's a major PITA to do it this way (you can't just import the whole outfit, and you must manually align it to the avatar, and we lose any morphs) it IS weighted properly. Which means, probably the issue is you don't know how to identify which weighting belongs on which piece of clothing (in bringing in an OBJ we tell it what it is).  However, since we can transfer weights after the fact (after we import things through Transformer) it isn't terrible and when I did that to a Transformer skirt all was well.

What I *would* suggest to make this a bit easier is to have another column in the Transformer input in which you can select the type of item it is there, and apply the weights at that point.  This would just make it easier for the user to get it all done properly up front (because you really don't know it's broken until you find out it is).