Character Creator 3
Issue 5259
Teeth and Thumbs morphs issues.

In addition to crash on exit if to use "New Morph Slider" (see my previous feedback) I found two another bugs in it:

- Teeth bug -- any custom morph slider affect on Teeth position even there is no changes for teeth bones in target iAvatar (see 2018-10-10-19-00-15_prcc3 hands v2r1.ccCustomSlider example in attached ZIP).

- Thumbs issue -- any custom morph slider have Thumbs issue even there is no changes for thumbs bones in target iAvatar.
If to change value in created morphs slider near middle position (50%) Thumbs will change shape and will "return" to original shape at 100% slider position (see 2018-10-12-21-43-38_prcc3 male head 03.ccCustomSlider example in attached ZIP).

These issues happened for both "body" and "head" sliders creating.

All morph sliders have been created using CC3 Neutral character as source and iAvatar file with changes as target.
I used this method for target iAvatar creating:
- Export CC3 Neutral character to FBX;
- Import FBX in 3ds Max (2018) and make changes in mesh and bones;
- Export modified model to FBX and import it back in CC3;
- In CC3 export modified model to iAvatar;
- Use created iAvatar file as target for custom morph slider creating for CC3 Neutral character.

If You will need more information and/or source files, please contact me by e-mail.

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