Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 6897
Suggestion: ability to edit a Scene in PSD Editor
There are some great CA4 tutorials for building a scene in PSD editor on RL website. I loved them and followed to the T and everything worked beautifully! I was able to apply the scene to my project - all peachy!

Until I discovered that once you applied it to your project, there is no way back to the editor! It only works one way. In other words you cannot edit the project scene in your PSD editor AFTER you applied it. You can with a character and you can with a prop, but not with a scene. You can of course modify every prop from the scene individually but that sorta defeats the purpose of the scene as a whole.

I did discover a feature called Export PSD file in the main menu under Render and it sorta does the job, but not quite. It will export everything visible on the screen so, in theory, you can hide everything that is not part of the scene and export it like this, however it is not as slick as Open in PSD Editor feature for characters and props. You will have to save it to the file, then open with the editor and then import it as a scene again. And it will NOT retain any Z-coordinates in your scene, so you would have to reposition all your props all over again.

Bottom line: it would be great to have Open-in-PSD-Editor feature for scenes.
OS: Mac OS 10.15
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Submitted bycandlelight2007