Character Creator 3
Issue 7826
Spinner controls in morph sliders work incorrectly
Steps to reproduce:

Any avatar is good for the test. I reproduced the issue after I reset the avatar to Neutral base.

- open Modify -> Morphs tab
- slide any morph slider (e.g. Actor -> Head scale) to 100 using the thumbtack or entering the value manually and notice the changes for the avatar
- reset the value back to 0

- now use the small spinner up button on the morph value and again increase the value to 100 and observe the result
- try to set the value back to 0 using the thumbtack or entering the value manually
- click Reset button to attempt to reset the morphs

Actual result:
- when using the spinner, the morph got exaggerated to unreasonable effect, although the value still shows 100
- after the morph corruption, it is not possible to return it to 0 using thumbtack or entering the value manually. Reset button also does not reset the morph. The only thing that works is to use the down spinner button and spin it down to 0.

Expected result:
- when morph value is controlled using spinners, it should be decreased/increased corresponding to the displayed numeral value and not exaggerated to unreasonable amounts
- Reset button should force a full reset of all morphs to their default values
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymidix