iClone 7
Released in 7.92
Issue 7943
Smart Gallery malfunctioned
When I moved my custom content (specifically iAvatars) from the custom pack to a pack I made called Characters the files got mislabeled. It appears as though the files got named the wrong names but the data did not get overwritten.

This happened when I selected multiple Avatars from the custom pack and moved them into the new pack at the same time.

If you look at the attached image you will see how the male figures and the female figures are now mislabeled. When I load a character into the scene the character loads like the thumbnail in the pack even though the label is incorrect.

But in the Scene panel, the avatar's name seems to be correct. The Character's correct name appears in the Name/Avatar list.

After I loaded the Avatar and then tried to Apply it back over the Thumbnail from where it came from, the incorrect name stayed the same. When I use the Save button the Save Options panel appears so I can assign a File Name. But then I get a message asking if I want to add (1) becasue a file already exists with the name.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byckalan1
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hello ckalan1,

This issue was fixed in Smart Gallery v1.3 along with some new features update. For more information, please see the forum.

Feedback Tracker Admin
Hello ckalan1,

Thanks for your feedback.
We are sorry to have this problem. This is a bug of the Smart Gallery. We will fix it in the future version.
Currently, please do not modify the template folder path and custom folder path to avoid this problem.
Then about those files with wrong names, please delete them and re-save in the default path to avoid this problem.
Apologize again for your bad experience.