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Issue 7638
Skin below head gets brighter with each "Update Skin Texture" in latest update Version: 1.11.2031.1
Update has not corrected the issue

1. Import a face with Headshot (Pro Mode).
2. Observe that the skin on the neck is correct.
3. Do several reprojections (update with changed face mask or eyelid mask).
4. Observe how the skin on the neck becomes more bright and desaturated with each update).

Actual result:
Skin in neck area becomes brighter and more desaturated with each update. (See attached image with neck area).

Expected Result:
Skin in neck area should not change after reprojections.
OS: Windows 10
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byshanesparris
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Hi shanesparris,

Thanks for your feedback!
Currently, if you change Skin Color, program will reselect the vertex on character and generate the closest result.
So, this is an limitation of current model, it won't output the same reproject color every time you changed the skin color settings, even you set it back to original color.

Altering skin color in headshot settings between updates does this for me. The area below chin desaturates and turns completely gray over iterations.

Base diffuse texture in headshot settings also seems to be clearly at different values below the chin. Is there some reason for this?
  • neckcolor.PNG
It happens with every photo. This one is from and done with auto mode in Headshot. Steps in the image go from top to down (step 1 to step 6) and only setting changed between the updates was the skin color. Choosing same skin color in steps 1 and 6 you can see the face and the ears look the same but the neck does not. It seems as if the base diffuse layer accumulates into the end result and this is something I don't understand.

Where does the base diffuse texture come from and why is the below chin area colored so differently?
  • steps1to6_colorchange.png
  • step1_settings.PNG
  • step1_basediffuse.PNG
could you record your workflow? I can't Reproduce this issue. I am not sure my workflow was correct or not.(SEE PICTURE is this part?)
and could you please provide the photo? Only one photo has issue or every photo has issue?
you can share in private comment
  • Screenshot 2021-03-09 180103.png
Could you record your workflow, and screenshot before and after the different results? that would be a great help