Character Creator 3
Issue 5354
"Session freeze and / or feature conflict detected" issue blocking my use of CC3
I am unable to use CC3 because within a few minutes of loading anything, including default-only content, I get the "Session Freeze..." dialog and have to shut down CC3. I have done all the usual steps -- updating to latest NVidia drivers, restarting CC3, rebooting my computer -- to no avail.

My rig is an intel i9 with 18 cores, 64 gig ram, windows 10.0.17134 my video card is an NVidia Titan V (12GB vram) driver #416.34 (latest).

I need to know what to do next. Is this an issue with Iray Render Plugin, with CC3, or...?

I really DON'T want to be playing the "roll back your graphics drivers" game, as I have other applications on my system that are running just fine.

I'm fairly certain that most folks won't be seeing this, because if they were there would be a LOT more information about this particular dialog on the forums. My steps to reproduce:

(1) Open CC3
(2) Load a project (any project)
(3) open Iray Render preview

within a few minutes the dialog pops up and I am blocked from doing anything except save and quit.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymrcanaday
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Hi, mrcanaday,

Please help to verify the following steps:

Uninstall Iray plug-in, launch CC3, see if CC3 can work?

a. If CC3 is working, install Iray plug-in, launch CC3, export mi file, close CC3, use Iray Background Renderer to render mi file, see if Iray is working?

b. If CC3 still crash, download the "ROV" from the link below, unzip and run the "IC7-CC3-Rov-OFF-2.reg" to disable CC3 to use the nVidia ROV feature, and try again to see if CC3 and Iray working?

Please let us know the results.
Thank you for your help.