Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 8610
Separate flip option for the Head
The flip option is great. But it would be great if we had a separate option to either flip, or preserve the head.

The flip allows the character to walk in the opposite direction while using the same motion template. But that can cause many issues if you have an asymmetrical head. E.g. a distinctive patch, beauty spot, text, etc.

If we flip a character the entire head flips too.

This can begin to look totally wrong.
Now since the 360 option, that means I already had to make a head, calibrate it to work with 360, eyes, mouth, brows etc. I had to apply the head to a front facing and side facing character. Trouble comes when I have to create a mirrored version of the same head. So that when it flips, it looks right.

I think a separate flip option for the head would be a life saver. Otherwise we are limited to making only symmetrical characters and would limit creativity. I don’t think this would cause such a massive issue since the head is already a separate category from the body within CA4.
OS: Mac OS 12
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Submitted byarenbailey