iClone 6
Released in 6.51
Issue 572
Scene window covered in iClone watermarks for no reason
Steps to reproduce the problem.

1. Load a custom project file containing no DRM marked content.
2. Select any item in the scene and delete it.
3. Click on the Undo icon in iClone.

Expected result:

The item is replaced in the scene as it was.

Actual result:

The item is replaced in the scene and the scene window is covered in iClone watermarks

There are 2 screen grabs attached, 1 showing the scene after being loaded in iClone and 1 showing the scene after the delete/undo action.
OS: Windows 8.1
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Submitted bywires
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you very much for your attention.

This issue has been verified and fixed,  it will be released in the next coming version.

Not a real freebie as it turns out.
I just checked the fine print on the content and found out it is not a real freebie as listed in actor /standard human.
Freebie in Reallusion iClone:
A bit misleading since all the old freebies were real ones . . .
This is a derivative content from the following base content. Please make sure you have the base content for this content to function as a full version. A derivative content can not be uploaded for sale unless it is modified from a base content.

This is one of Reallusion' s 12 bonus characters for the Professional Outfits Content Pack. Please make sure that you have purchased above base contents, otherwise the character will be watermarked.

This explains the watermark completely.

Sorry for messing with your Undo watermark problem . . .


Adding freebie content like the PO Extra avatars triggers the watermark.
Content Activation does not help here.
The "new" tag switches to "trial" in the avatar list thumbnails.
Downloading again made no difference.

"Old" content (created up to 6.4) works for now . . . no undo watermark.

DRM issues ?!?


Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you very much for your attention. 

If the watermark appears on the viewport, please navigate to Menu > Help, then click "Content Activation" to eliminate them. You can also save the project after the watermark disappeared. 

It's just a workaround to solve this problem temporarily. We will fix it as soon as possible. 

I solved my problem with watermark that appeard with template of virtual studio1 reinstalling it with a previous download, that I find on a backup of a few years ago on my hard disk. Now its working! 
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