Cartoon Animator 4
Released in 5.0
Issue 6165
Save Button and Auto-save
Would it be possible to have a SAVE button as well as a SAVE AS button, and also could we have an autosave feature which we can switch on or off from preferences.

I am making these suggestions as I am having multiple crashes with one particular animation I am creating and I keep having to re-do the work multiple times. Rather than having to save after each change I make it would be nice if the program saved for me periodically.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byMacdonut
Tarampa Studios
Please, PLEASE add an Auto-Save Feature to CA5...? 
We need to be able to restore files which are lost for various reasons. Not just crashes. 

eg I lose power here in my valley at least twice every week... and 4 times this morning. 
Of course I already save often, but I still lose too much work, just because CA4 is missing this basic function. 

Pleeeeeeeeease fix it?
Yes, autosave for the character in composer mode (it's currently a 4 step process to update it!)
ascool21, I have 64GB RAM. The crashes are not RAM related, but program related.
I have 32GB of RAM which is 4 times the recommended amount and I am seeing crashes. Anyway, as it happens I just left a similar request as I'm a bit perplexed that when you update a custom character  CA4 doesn't auto save to that character. Voted up! Come on reallusion ppl, you know it makes sense!
i think this would be perfect. but if your pc crash you must add more RAM