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Issue 4057
Rework of curve editor needed!
I rarely complain about set up but this is making me pull my hair out. Usually when I animate the curve editor goes below the timeline and snaps to it and remains there and scrolls with it. I can't do this with iclone its making me crazy i am constantly dragging the timeline around the screen and trying to get the curve editor to be below it.. but it always wants to snap to the side panel which is pretty useless.

So after 2 weeks of trying to work with the curve editor I am pretty much ready to give up and move my animation to blender where I can use the curve editor ^^.

The panels I need open are impossible to arrange so that the are open and always showing what I need it to show. Also for some reason the curve editor refuses to show the information as its generated in the timeline and vica versa .. its a nightmare to find things in it.. So for now I classify iclone plugin curve editor in the toy category because its just not truly usable for keyframe animation..

Please see the attached image as my attempt at arranging the panels I need open in iclone to animate by hand .. to see my plight :)

What i want is to have the skeleton panel .. (cause i can't just click on the bones or controller rig inside iclone there is no way to have them show up.. that's fine i can live with that..) snap to the side so it stays put.. I need the list of assets to click on them... and I need the timeline at the bottom with the curve editor to snap to it .. so it stays put .. at the bottom so i can use it.. I need scroll bars on the curve editor to remain there so i am not constantly clicking on this wierd menu on top telling it which way i want to scroll.. why do i have to constantly choose?

please make your curve editor not be a toy


apologies for the tone I am trying to be polite LOL, but I am having to trash a project in iclone and do it in blender because the curve editor is unusable.. :(
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byurbanlamb
I just attached a copy of the type of setup I use normally.   I dont understand why there is such an issue with screen real estate in realussion over this and no matter what I do i can't get the curve editor to remain "on top" unless I snap it to the side bar.  Its pretty hard to work with animation timeline when its scrunched on the side of your screen into a tiny little box :)
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